fostex FE206 in front horn (BD-Design)

by GC, Friday, February 04, 2005, 15:50 (4737 days ago) @ GC

I read these warble tone measurements differently, I think that the horn
is not too rigid or has a throat that is too small and is therefore too
strong sounding in the lower range. If you use a back chamber then try to
open it at the back to reduce the lower output, if not then you could make
the throat larger for a better tonal balance.

The strong response at around 160 hz is probably because the measurement was taken with the base unit turned on which is biamped and crossed over at 150hz. The throat
dimension is about 178 mm square, ie just about as big as the fostex diaphram as you can see in the picture. The horn throat used to be even smaller (127 mm square) and I have cut it to make the horn shorter and the throat larger to its current size.

Adding little pieces of foam in the corners will always be a good idea...

Thanks for the suggestions, I'll try that.




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