Lowther cabs (BD-Design)

by GC, Friday, February 04, 2005, 19:34 (4735 days ago)

In October last year, Steve Shiels wrote in this forum that he gets 30Hz +-3dB from his 3.6 metre corner horns, using Lowther drivers.
I have EX4s in Acoustas - not great bass, but wonderful otherwise.
I wish to build bigger horns.
I'm keen to establish how Steve gets his results.
viz: which cabs, and how are they situated. (TP1, Opus One B, I'm told require strong/solid corners :ie: walls solid 1.5 metres from apex, of brick or breezeblock construction.)
Since I don't have that, I'm advised that Opus One A are the cabs to make, since they perform well without the solid corners.
Comments please.


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