FE208S + BD-15 (BD-Design)

by GC, Friday, February 04, 2005, 23:28 (4732 days ago) @ GC

Hallo Bert,

Do you have good article (or references) on the design of open baffle
systems? You seem to suggest that it is a matter of trial and error. Since
I have no measuring equipment this would become a very difficult task with
a lot of waisted wood, i am afraid.

But the main question of my previous entry remains unanswered. Does the
BD-15 sound different in a Quasar compared to a reference enclosure in
terms of how bass instruments sound. What I miss with my Etons, and every
other reproducing system I heard up to now, is the life-like sound of bass
drums and electric bass guitars. The speed of the attack as well as a lot
of overtones appear to be missing. In which cabinet do you think the BD-15
will perform the best regarding these aspects. By the way, I often have the
idea the sound engineers deliberately filter out high frequnecies on bass
instruments. Can anyone comment on this point?

Reaching 20 Hz is not a goal in itself. The lowest resonance frequency of
my listening room is 29 Hz anyway. But I really like the deep sound that
my Etons produce on CD's such as "Medulla" by Bjork.

Yours sincerely,

Dear Eddie:

The best reference I've ever found on open baffle speakers is the various web pages of Seigfried Linkwitz. The URL of his home website is:


Especially read the pages on theory and driver selection.

Don Reid


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