Lowther cabs (BD-Design)

by GC, Saturday, February 05, 2005, 21:10 (4728 days ago) @ GC

South Africa is a long way away. School fees are expensive, so travels to Europe to actually LISTEN to various set-ups are difficult. We get the cheap, and the expensive here. More is better, the more powerful the amp, the higher rated the speakers etc. The industry is moving very much toward home theatre. There are some wonderful manufacturers of valve amplifiers etc. but the efficient loudspeaker is not yet on the list.

I would give a lot to spend a month actually hearing different set-ups. Especially single-driver cabs and related equipment.
I trusted my instinct nearly 25yrs ago and built Sudgen Class A amp - 10W- still using it. But very happy with it. Now building Linsley-Hood amp with mods suggested by Geoff Moss. I work with professional audio equipment - my job - for live classical music recordings. My Lowthers at home outshine the lot for their presence and detail. I've lived with Acoustas since '79. 1/2inch pine blockboard. Bitumen damping on the backs, has helped the boom, but they don't go down low enough.
As I said, I'll have to study plans and then see.
Take care.

Hi Terry,

Opus One have two models, A & B. You probably heard B? Just guessing.
They need solid corners.

I have no idea which ones but they were placed in solid corners...

I'm trying NOT to add a subwoofer. Only 15w amp - class A transistor.

Yes, I understand your thoughts. I have been there and less is usually
more... :-)

I'll study the plans more and see how I feel in a few months. I'm using
EX4 -I know you have reservations about them, but I find them really

Be happy and that it may take a long time until the "problem" starts after
you've tasted something better (like I did...).




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