FE208S + BD-15 (BD-Design)

by GC, Thursday, February 10, 2005, 22:21 (4730 days ago) @ Bert

Hello Brady,

Bert is correct, but you do have a good point here. The rather poor match that I have between bass and midrange is more probably due to the weak bass response of the FE208Sigma in a closed box (of 30 ltr) than to the impuls quality of the Eton woofer.

Last weekend I found an additional explanation for the mismatch. I accidently saw the phase response of the Eton woofer. To my surpise its acoustical ouput was -140 degrees from 30 Hz up to 1 kHz, this means that it is almost out of phase! Unfortunately I do not have data of the phase of the Fostex.

That evening I reversed the polarity of both woofers and found that the matching was somewhat improved. The fact that the difference is not large indicates to me that in both polarities the two units are not really in phase whichs results in a dip in the frequency respons. Bert suggested this test to me a long time ago when I had Peerless XLS-10 woofers. At that time the overall sound was clearly better with the woofers in phase, so I never thought of the test again until now.

I am now thinking of a radical solution. If it succesfull I will probably report on it (this summer?).


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