Cross-over slopes/frequencies for Oris 200 & Bass (BD-Design)

by GC, Monday, February 14, 2005, 17:16 (4725 days ago) @ GC

Hi Jonathan,

It seems that I have to answer this topic again... :-(

I'm also particularly keen to hear about crossvers used with dipole bass
system as this is my own set-up.

A dipole needs EQ due to the roll-off in the bass. This can partly be done within the filter by stretching the crossover points. The first section could be used (6dB) to EQ the respons in the deeper bass and the second to filter at the actual crossover point where the mid-high takes over.

This only works with a very small baffle though where the width/placement determines/influences the higher crossover frequency if the EQ is used as described above.

Bert what are you using for your new Quasar system? BTW it looks really
great! Have you tried using the bass end with an Oris 200 on top? That
would give a setup really similar to mine!

I use a two stage passive line filter where the first stage is the EQ and the second one is the "tuning" stage. This only works optimal with the speakers placed free in the room though, placing them in the corner or even close to a side wall changes the frequency respons a lot (stronger lower midrange with probably a steep dip also...)

I haven't tried the Oris 200's with the open panel and I don't think I will simply because the nature of a front loaded driver is completely different from the open panel basses. In my experience this will always give problems when trying to blend the two systems together...

I prefer to use similar systems, one of the major reasons why the Oris Ultra And the Oris "Swing" work soo well.... :cool:




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