Front horns and bass dipoles (BD-Design)

by GC, Tuesday, February 15, 2005, 20:51 (4724 days ago) @ GC

Hi Jonathan,

The 200hz area and downwards are where the resonant range starts and where
all kinds of problem occur. Most bass systems excite those frequencies,
causing dips or peaks up and down the room. Dipoles as you know excite
resonances by far the least, and that's why they work so well.

Yes, if placed properly then you can overcome some of the problems having the 1st harmonics less excited but you can also create other problems when placed on the wrong spot. Nothing is perfect....

I am also not sure if it is the open panel principle that is the advantage perhaps it works better because it rolls of in the bass so that it seems to give less problems? In my book the only advantage of an open panel (if build properly) is the open boxless sound...

You said in "your experience" does that mean you have tried front
horns/dipole bass in the past? If so can you provide the details?

No experience with dipoles and horns but with all kind of other related things. Its hard to write down all experiences but think that most things do not combine optimal due to the different materials used, different directivity characteristics used, different sensitivity, etc.

It is very well possible to create a good sound though, even when using different characters but it will never be optimal.

If the open panel with the Oris horn works soo well then why do you have problems or raised questions about optimizing the filter?

Since I have the Ultra system (and the new "Swing" system) I never had a problem to get the filter right.... with the other Oris systems I always have had doubts for a long time (tuning in between) before I found the integration optimal in my room. Same feeling while listening to other systems trying to combine different "systems".

This gives me the feeling that I can say that using similar systems (horn-horn, baffle-baffle, cone-cone, etc.) brings the most optimal integration.




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