Fixing Oris 200 Horn on BD 15 (BD-Design)

by GC, Tuesday, January 09, 2007, 12:09 (4026 days ago) @ GC

Hi Dominic,

on your side I have never founmd an Plan or an anything how to fix the
Oris 200 Horns on the BD 15 ( I build an BD 15 reverence Basic System! )

It was discussed on the (old) forum several times before...

Have you any special Plan or descripion?


You can make them as high as you please. This design also fits the BD30 amplifier to add more weight to the horn/stand construction and to keep the wiring short. This stand can be screwed against the back chamber for a secure placement on top of the bass enclosure. It is advisible to use rubber feet in between the stand and the bass enclosure.

have see in an tread bevore you use an 12 db Lowpass for the BD 15 , what
is the frequency ? Do you use no crossover for the Oris 200 Horn ?

I do not know the frequency, if you use the filter as suggested (LCR and passive) then the system works very well.

See message:

Play with the capacitor values to tune the system to your room...

Using another amplifier or even go the active filtering route is your choice, the needed filter values and perceived quality will be different than designed though...

The Oris horns do not have a filter but if you're planning to play extremely loud then it might be wise to add a filter to protect the driver.

Adding a filter will only reduce the quality of the signal. If you use the system normally then you do not need a filter at all.




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