Front horns and bass dipoles (BD-Design)

by GC, Thursday, February 17, 2005, 11:24 (4718 days ago) @ GC

Hi Jonathan,

No, dipoles "minimally" excite the rooms main resonances, whilst most
other systems "maximally" excite them. Its all just fundemental acoustics
- you can read more on this on Siegfried Linkwitz' site on the theoretical

Okay, I won't argue about the fact that dipoles exite the room less but I remain convinced that the character is also a major factor in the perceived sound... :-)

If you've not tried it then you can't really say categorically it's not
the most optimal way! These things always differ to a degree of course in
other rooms.

Most important about a speaker system is that the sound should be correctly radiated from the speakers themselves. If there is something less optimal then you'll always hear it back at the listening position.

Rooms can destroy or even improve things but with an optimal radiating source the results at the listening position will always be better...

What do you mean "different materials used"?

Paper cones with metal dome tweeters, ESL with dynamic woofers as clear examples. Even small differences are audible.

Sensitivities can be matched easily that's not a relevant factor.

It is a relevant factor because higher sensitive systems have a stronger motor to begin with where less energy is wasted in warmth (warmth reduces dynamics, speed and detail). All parts in the system should have the same tonal character and behaviour, if not then you'll hear that.

I can drive over 200km/h with my Opel but driving the same speed with a Viper is something else.

I just wanted others to share their experiences that's all, and especially
those with dipoles.

No problem with that! That's why we have this forum... :)

Using your own terminology front horns and bass reflex boxes are actually
"different systems"! I really don't understand why you feel that combining
a front horn, with a bass reflex is neccessarily an optimal acoustic match?

No, a front horn with a front horn loaded bass (closed, reflex or even a real horn but then the timing problem disturbs too much...)




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