Front horns and bass dipoles (BD-Design)

by GC @, UK, Friday, February 18, 2005, 13:31 (4718 days ago) @ GC

Hi Bert,

Most important about a speaker system is that the sound should be
correctly radiated from the speakers themselves.

What do you mean "different materials used"?

Paper cones with metal dome tweeters, ESL with dynamic woofers as clear
examples. Even small differences are audible.

Agreed, absolutely. That's the key reason that I wanted bass drivers with paaper cones to match the Oris drivers. But were you were infering something that was related to dipoles vs. other bass system?

Sensitivities can be matched easily that's not a relevant factor.

It is a relevant factor because higher sensitive systems have a stronger
motor to begin with where less energy is wasted in warmth (warmth reduces
dynamics, speed and detail). All parts in the system should have the same
tonal character and behaviour, if not then you'll hear that.

Again very much agreed. I was saying it is irelevant to our discussion on the types of bass system.

No, a front horn with a front horn loaded bass (closed, reflex or even a
real horn but then the timing problem disturbs too much...)

I've got you - you were talking about the Oris reference, I see now!

How low does the Oris 150 load the 15" down to? Surely a horn flare and therefore cutoff is the same whether it has an 8" driver or a 15" driver.




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