Front horns and bass dipoles (BD-Design)

by GC, Friday, February 18, 2005, 14:04 (4723 days ago) @ GC

Hi Jonathan,

paaper cones to match the Oris drivers. But were you were infering
something that was related to dipoles vs. other bass system?

The directivity differences and character have their influence.

How low does the Oris 150 load the 15" down to? Surely a horn flare and
therefore cutoff is the same whether it has an 8" driver or a 15" driver.

It loads down to 80Hz but not as effective around 220Hz. The way the horn is tuned to the BD15 driver results in a 6dB roll-off from 220Hz down to 30Hz and adds directivity (gradual) from 80Hz and up.

With the used 12dB filter (actually about 9dB effective) the response is flat up to 200Hz where it rolls-off with about 18B/oct due to the mass roll-off of the driver and the filter.

Another advantage of the added horn in front of the bass is that the character in the crossing area (the overlap between both the bass horn and the mid-high horn) is identical. The bass horn also gives extra "loading" to the mid-high horn so the real crossover frequency of the system is around 200Hz. The standard Oris systems crosses around 220-240Hz...




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