Phase shifting (BD-Design)

by GC, Monday, February 28, 2005, 21:50 (4708 days ago) @ GC

Hello Chris,

This weekend I put all parts of the filter and the phase shifter in one box. After that I wanted to measure the frequency response so that I know at which cross over frequency the sound is best.

To my regret I found out that the opamp spoils the function of the low pass filter.

One week ago I tested the phase shifter only separate. So I do not know what I heard when I included it in the loudspeaker, probably at the "optimum" setting it did almost nothing. I definitely know that a more sophisticated approach is required.

Anyway, because I took the filter out of the amplifier, I took the opportunity to improve the internal wiring and I changed the last stage of the power supplies from Elna Cerafines to Black Gates. Both brands are highly regarded and out of production as far as I know. In my situation the Black Gate is by all means the winner. A large improvement in clarity most notably in the high frequencies. Besides that my hum problem is reduced to completely inaudible at the listening position. So after all it was a good weekend for me.


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