Part II (BD-Design)

by GC, Wednesday, March 09, 2005, 14:06 (4704 days ago) @ GC

Hi Bert,

You could move them a bit further away from the side walls and add an
angled panel for more directivity? More even bass is probably because you
have them now placed out of the corner (less exiting boundaries..).

I already had them out of the corner, to get them away from my TV I put them almost in the middle of the room (where the sofa was) each on one side of the room. The sofa is now where the speakers used to be. I always say that people let cats rule their life because they can't sit in a chair if their cat is in it. I let my speakers rule my life... :-) Or my decorating.

The low-mids are due to the side firing also less present

Yes. And the sound less direct now, that really makes a difference. I have the same bass sound, everywhere in the room. It's nice when I'm reading at my desk, or cooking etc., sort of Bose-like. In a good way.

Still, it is kind of pleasant, so I'll leave it for a while. I might stop by an electronics store to get different capacitors for the filter.

Thanks again, Bert!


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