There are horns and there are horns... (Off Topic)

by GC, Tuesday, April 25, 2006, 21:08 (4285 days ago)

Dear all....

From the previous posts it seems there are some worries if the one is better than the other.:confused:

It is always so that you are the one to tell which you like the best.:wub:

It really dosn't matter wether I like the one over the other. I had a very happy 3 years with my ORIS basics. Always able to enjoy my recordings. Always unable to focus on the equipment itself. (Almost)

Bert posted some considerations on AER vs. BMS and I completely agree with him. The two is not excactly to be compared on what is best in the sense of objective parameters. Rather they show different qualities.

What is maybe much more essential is the fact that the new ORIS 250 horn is a piece of art. It seems to sustain both fullrange drivers, non-fullrange drivers as well as compression drivers in the most perfect way.
I don't know if they fit all drivers. Probably not.
But they fit AER and BMS. For sure.

Hence we should be happy that Bert took a step forward, a development we may all join.:yes:

So do all we fullrange users nessecarely have to convert to compression drivers, just because the option is there? No, I would say, unless a listening session tells you otherwise.

I congratulate Bert for having brought both principles to a new level unheard before.



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