Tractrix Horn, Size of the Throat (Off Topic)

by panu @, Thursday, November 02, 2006, 06:42 (4093 days ago)

I am trying to DIY the rounded tractrix horn by layering method. I use Tractrix V1.4b to calculate the horn profile. The Horn length seem to be vary with the throat size. But I still not have a clue what shall be the appropriate size of throat. By using some formular to calculate the throat arae, give the result which comparatively small comparing to Oris. Could you please advise what shall be the appropriate size of throat. The driver to be used with this horn is Fostex FE206E.

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Tractrix Horn, Size of the Throat

by Bert @, Thursday, November 02, 2006, 12:46 (4093 days ago) @ panu

Dear Panu,

For best results the depth of the horn, the mouth and the throat have to be in balance with eachother. I do not want to share any detailed information about this so no need to ask any further.

Calculating the throat for a certain driver is only relevant for maximum sensitivity in the lower range of the horn and since you seem to want to use it with a full-range driver then you can't use it.

You'll have to experiment with the throat size for optimal results.



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