Notch filter DX4/EX4 (Drive Units)

by Bert @, Friday, December 08, 2006, 16:25 (4057 days ago)

Hi all,

I am in the middle of experimenting with a Lowther EX4 with removed module to open up the sound (is now in principle the same as an DX4). I received these drivers from a customer who wants to use them in the Quasar MkII.

The 2kHz resonance is too disturbing for proper tuning so I created a notch to cure that problem.

The drivers tested have the old type whizzer so the notch is only useable on those. Should work on all old type whizzer Lowther drive units though, all have more or less the same problem at 2kHz.

Here it is:


This is a very narrow notch and with the resistor value you can tune the amount you want to reduce (driver dependent and taste). The higher the resistance the more attenuation...

I will work on another notch (line level - if possible for such a narrow notch) for use at the input of your main amplifier, this way the parts needed will be much smaller and is the option open to use very high quality parts for less money.



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