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by RonaldV @, Tuesday, December 11, 2007, 22:13 (3696 days ago)

I previously owned a pair of bass horns that I designed and built more than 15 years ago. Exponential rearloaded calculated at 26Hz and driven by Electrovoice EVX150. Powered by Crown Macrotech amps and filtered at 90Hz they really sounded great and managed to produce a distortion free 30Hz at thunderous levels. But because of their size I had to get rid of those (they didn't fit between the rebuilt fireplace and the wall...). Now a discotheque uses them in a fixed installation for the sub-lows. But I'm planning to build new exponential bass horns now which do fit into my living room. And now I'm asking myself the same question I did 15 years ago: How do you calculate the folds of the horn? Can you simply "bend" the straight design and thinking this way "compressing" the inner wall and "stretching" the outer wall while keeping the middle line as a constant? Or can you see the horn diameter at a given distance as a ball or a circle placed on that middle line and around which sides the walls of the horn (in the straight sections and in the bends) have to fit exactly? Who knows? My previous design was built around the last (circle) theory and sounded great but I could just have been lucky...



See the air like water...

by Bert @, Tuesday, December 11, 2007, 22:29 (3696 days ago) @ RonaldV

...especially in the narrow beginning of the horn and depending on the high crossover frequency (fitting wave length in the circumference where the wave length should be larger...).

Best approach is to keep the centerline as starting point with wider outer bends and smaller inner bends without making them too sharp (preventing reflections).

Keep time alignment in mind also as this is importent (at least to me) for proper integration with the rest of the system.


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