Munich High-End 2008 (Off Topic)

by Bert @, Thursday, May 01, 2008, 19:38 (3551 days ago)

Here is a link that covers most of the Show where the "Hiraga" was one of the few systems which made music compared to all the shine and hifi sound heard there.


Thanks for the pictures Sixmoons, saves me the work! :wink:


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Munich High-End 2008

by madprofessor ⌂, 27777 Ganderkesee, Germany, Saturday, May 03, 2008, 10:18 (3550 days ago) @ Bert

I also was at the Munich Show and want to list some of my subjective impressions.
First I think, the demonstration rooms are all suboptimal, having at one side from floor to ceiling windows and at the opposite side the entrance door and corresponding wall, also made of glas. To make things even worse, the walls between the show-rooms are very thin and resonating. There was a lot of acoustic treatment in the show-rooms. I think, best worked the rigs, where there was a kind of partition, eliminating at least somehow the effects of one glass-wall.
Also the power-system - simply wall outlets, I guess contaminated by a lot of digital gear, and loaded by all the electronics, are less than optimal.
Comapred to 2005 / 2006 the sonic quality overall has significantly improved. I think the exhibitioners learned how to get the best from the show-rooms.
In comparison, to real good systems, like for example the one Bert has, I recognized an overall tendency to exaggerated trebble, going to the harsh, glassy side and somehow uncontrolled, soft fluffy bass. I think, that has mostly to do, with the rooms described above.
But there were still some rigs, I liked to listen to: Continuum, Tenor, Kharma; Hovland, Avalon; Acoustic Plan ( in one of the cubicles at the ground floor, also mentioned in the link, Bert posted)
I see a tendency, to use for interconnects better and cleaner Materials.
Interesting newcomers: The amps from Tenor using a valve-gain-stage and MOSFET outputstage. Very nice work of engineering.
The EMV-shielded computers from Hush - a source like that I could accept to feed a DAC in a system!
Nice program at the booth of Dr. Freickert to adjust pickups for optimal azimuth and VTA. At a very reasonable price!
My conclusion: I´s worth to go to the show, to see some gear, to learn, what´s new. But it´s not the place for serious listening!

Munich High-End 2008

by GC, Saturday, May 03, 2008, 11:04 (3550 days ago) @ madprofessor

Well what was possible to audit I heard a bit. A lot og gear at the show, but still most were not connected:

I heard mostly BS sound and Stephan, you are right, there is a tendency that the tone of many speakers moves to the unbearble harsh side. Pfew...

My favourits:

Magneplanar 20.1.
Martin Logan (smallest model)
Cessaro (smallest model)
Gryphon medium sized box.

Worse sound: MBL room.

The rest...hmm...just made me so glad about my own system.

But I didn't hear it all, mostly sat outside smooking my cigars and talking to friends.
20 cups of German coffee made me go to Regensburg to visit Rainer Weber and another very very special genious engineer on amps and DACs. Hehehe :wink:


Munich High-End 2008

by anubisgrau, Tuesday, May 06, 2008, 21:11 (3546 days ago) @ GC

20 cups of German coffee in a world kingdom of (German) beer?:shame:

and than someone says audiophiles are not nuts!:cool:

Munich High-End 2008

by GC, Tuesday, May 06, 2008, 21:47 (3546 days ago) @ anubisgrau

20 cups of German coffee in a world kingdom of (German) beer?:shame:

and than someone says audiophiles are not nuts!:cool:

I have no defence here: But 20 German beers? :party:


Munich High-End 2008

by madprofessor ⌂, 27777 Ganderkesee, Germany, Tuesday, May 06, 2008, 22:59 (3546 days ago) @ GC

My tip for Munich next year: Near Marienplatz there is a good delicatessen shop: Dalmayr, where You can get everything for a decent lunch - even good wines!
Best regards

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