"SET" the gain (Off Topic)

by GC, Friday, June 13, 2008, 11:06 (3512 days ago)
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With reference to where this interesting discussion started http://forum.bd-design.nl/index.php?id=15606 I enjoy to learn what people around sees as the best solution for each their rig, rooms, speakers etc. etc.

It seems there is no denominator which can tell what's is the best here or there. But was there ever, when we talk audio and sound and impressions?

What is interesting for me is to learn along the way what people find the *best* amping for a 'reference' most of us have from BD-Design. Swings or any other speaker from that camp.
I know them all and how they sound. So it makes sense to me to hear what amps people find best.................... :grin:

My own pure Crazy Line and Swing *concept* fullfils my requirements as it is today. It's rather a *concept* than a pick one here and one there and make it go. This *concept* is made to work together like a glove that fits the hand perfectly.
That gives me satisfaction and is able to nail me to the listening chair.

There are a few alternatives I could make use of that also will nail me. But now I once chose this concept, it will stay in my rig forever as it is.

That my system is good is of course important only to me, still with the knowledge that I have the freedom to swap to a completely different concept if I want, gives me quite some peace in mind.

I'm a speakerbuilder guy and as a result of that those designs from my hand might need another enginge than that for my present *concept*, but they can easily co-exist just like my motorbike collection co-exists.
It is not a problem to own a Porche and a Bentley for me. They are both cars with different appeal.

I like both withe wine and red wine depending on the cuisine you are enjoying.

GC :grin:

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