listeNing to old VinyL 31154 (Off Topic)

by GC, Saturday, March 12, 2005, 05:58 (4694 days ago)

Dwight Yoakum, Hillbilly Deluxe, on reprise records. i think this is a digital recording on vinyl. side one, first cut is "Little Ways" has been a favorite "show me" cut on vinyl as well as on CD, because it is bright and hot and kicks in right away with Dwight's high pitched vocal and a kick-butt country band. The Oris BD3 takes this vocal as high as it goes and as loud as I want, without any sign of ear fatigue. for my birthday today i brought home my RPM table/arm after its five year service and a new Helikon SL. in addition i brought home a set of CERABALL ceramic ball interface from Finite Elemente, which i have placed under the 1/2 inch thick top plate of my made-from-a-kit Seduction phono stage. This phono stage has an additional 26dB of gain from S&B step-ups, and i get just about 60dB toatal gain for the low output cartridge. So the point here is that after playing Dwight's Little Ways over and over several times with and without the CERABALLS, i still like the record, and I am jazzed about what the CERABALL does for the music, or i should say i like what the Ceraball does for the phono stage, enabling the music to present with greater clarity/focus/resolution


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