bolts on Lowther ? (Off Topic)

by GC, Wednesday, May 11, 2005, 21:42 (4639 days ago)

After 4 years of waiting/working on my ORISses, they are singing now for 2 weeks. But discovering that I was having alignment or dust issues with PM2a , I decided to take the Lowthers apart. So, first hurdle was taken.
Next one, which spanner to use? People recommended to use a 5/16. Going to different shops, and eventually ended up in an army-dump-shop I got hold off a spanner.
Back at home, the 5/16 side of the spanner was too narrow (????????). But luckily the other side of the spanner (11/32) was useable and was able to remove the cone from one of the driver's magnet.
The second one's bolts were somehow damaged and therefore I would need new bolts and a tightly fitting spanner.
Bert suggested to get a 8 mm spanner and grind it to the exact size. Now I 'just' need to get the right bolts. But which type are these and were can I get them?

Finally, this afternoon, I went to a Harley Davidson shop and asked for their 5/16 and 11/32. (I could have known of course) their US 5/16 bolts were much bigger and could easily mount a complete V-twin block to my Lowther cone.

So the questions are:
What size and what thread type is used for the Lowther drivers? And is there somebody who knows where I can get them, or buy them from?

I want the ORISses back in business ASAP ... because I knew how high-end sounds, but finally heard how music sounds :-P



Try Lowther in the UK?

by GC, Thursday, May 12, 2005, 10:14 (4638 days ago) @ GC

Hi Rudolf,

Sometimes questions are rather simple to answer, why do people always think so complex... :)

I would write them an email and ask if they would be so kind to send you the needed bolts....




What I use

by GC, Thursday, May 12, 2005, 20:25 (4638 days ago) @ GC

Hello Rudolph:

I use a 5/16" spanner for all repairs. It usually fits on tightly, sometimes aNoyingly so, but it does fit on. No other wrench, metric or english, works well. They usually round off the bolt heads if used.

You may wish to very lightly grind the opening of the wrench. Extremely little should be removed. Remember, it is easier to grind some more off later, but it is very hard to put it back.

Jon Ver Halen
Lowther America


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