fabricating horns (BD-Design)

by GC @, Friday, May 20, 2005, 20:20 (4624 days ago)

Dear Bert,
I really love to read what you are doing. I have spent around 200 hours doing research on the internet and finally feel that I have found some truth's here at your site. I have done so much research for two reasons; the first is that I like to be well informed before I spend money and the second is that I have very limited funds which is a sad fate when you have hi-fi fever. My saving grace is that I am very good with my hands and especially wood. I would like to build my horns out of wood or clay or thin metal. Wood seems like the best material but most difficult, the other choices seem easier to work with but I have doubts about their tonal qualities. The main question I have is what are the shapes of your horns? It seems wrong of me to ask you for information you worked hard to develop, but I simply caNot pay for your horns. I dont really do equations etc. so I guess a cross section as a template might work. Then there are four sided horns which would be easy for me to build but it seems these are a step down from the round oris horn. I would be appreciative of any hard info you could provide and understanding of any you caNot provide.
your fan


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