Worden Horn Speakers (BD-Design)

by GC, Saturday, August 13, 2005, 13:01 (4539 days ago)

During the 60-70-80-ties there was a small english
hornspeaker maker - Worden - headed by a Wilfried H. Worden
(W. H. Worden)- who built large and highly
sophisticated folded exponential corner horn systems based
on the Lowther drivers. In my early hifi-years I
had a small correspondance with the gentleman, but before
I could pull myself togetherto proceed, Mr. Worden unfortunately
died. Since then I tried to find out the whereabouts
of his constructions and the goodwill of this company,
but in vain. If anyone on this board has Worden speakers,
or know anything about them, especially plans of course,
I would be grateful for any information.
Thanks in advance.


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