More Singular worries... (BD-Design)

by GC, Monday, August 15, 2005, 15:15 (4540 days ago)

Hi Bert,

I am near completion of my first DIY speaker project, your Singular. I'm a little nervous, however, because I want the speakers to be as good as they can be and I'm afraid that a mistake I made will affect their performance.

My worry is this: I was able to get the main section (complete 9 1/16" path from driver to rear exit) very close to spec, but I managed to screw up the top section of each cabinet directly behind the driver. The "shelf" forming this top chamber is not parallel with the top of the cabinet so the top section tapers -- in one cabinet it gets wider toward the rear of the speaker and in the other it gets more narrow toward the rear. In both cases the difference in height from front to rear is probably 1/8" or so, maybe as much as 3/16".

I am hoping that the application of damping in this area makes these dimensions less critical than the main sections of the cabinet, but I want to make sure before I seal them up.

Thanks for any info (or encouragement :)) you can give me.



More Singular worries...

by GC, Tuesday, August 16, 2005, 17:24 (4539 days ago) @ GC

Hi Joe,

3/16" is still not too much but less would be better. I think that the damping will help enough to cure the error. Make sure that all joints are airtight though...




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