Jack Jackman, United Kingdom (Update)

OK, time has moved on & I have one far-out system, but I feel no more equipped to tell you what it is that I have than when I last tried.


We talk about the colour of sound, we talk about its temperature, we even call it dry (not sure about wet though!). My best shot is to give you a visual analogy, these Oris are like a magnifying glass, when in focus the sound is huge & those blurs in the background become objects with their own characteristics & with space in between them. There is more texture. Everything is happening here, not over there, at any volume. But perhaps what I like most of all is the delivery, never have I heard music transduced (if this word doesn't exist it should) so realistically & with such authority. I feel no need for tweeters with the BD3’s & you’ll need a Richter scale to check out the bass! For me, for now, this is as real as it gets.

The source for all this pleasure, a Shanling CDT 100 valve CD, passive pre of my own build incorporating bass filters into a Viva 300B amp & 180 watt solid state bass amp. Oh, and a pre-release TwinDAC build in my DIY housing and some wire.


As I said last ‘review’ buy some! You won’t be disappointed. So till next time, be round or be very square. Happy Jack

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