Drawing Quasar MkII (BD-Design)

by Bert @, Wednesday, December 21, 2005, 17:39 (6637 days ago)

Here is the basic drawing for building the Quasar MkII DIY system. All needed dimensions are present or can be calculated from the present values.

For future upgrades (like using the Oris 250 horn in combination with this panel) then make the cut-out all through the panel for the full-range driver 242mm in diameter. The front panel can be used at first with a smaller size to be able to mount the full-range driver, this smaller cut-out will be easy to enlarge later so that you can fit the Oris 250 horn in the panel.


The panels should be made as sandwich with 2x 15mm (outer panels) and 7x 18mm panels. The front has two recessed cut-outs for the BD15's, the rest of the holes should be similar sized all through the panel.

The floor plate should be made as sandwich with 1x 18mm and 1x 15mm panels.

The BD15 bass drivers should be mounted flush with the front panel, the needed recess is 13-15mm deep).

All dimensions are in mm's and also made from panel thicknesses and sizes present here in Holland. The total thickness of the main panel is 156mm but this is not too critical (a few mm's more or less won't make much of a difference).



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Quasar MkII drawing

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