Some second thoughts... (Drive Units)

by Giovanni, Ravenna, Wednesday, March 14, 2007, 12:35 (3963 days ago) @ GC

I'm still learning about drivers coupling in bass speakers with TL, vented or sealed enclosures.

I only need "natural" thick sound in the range of 40hz-200hz. I know how ridicolous is a cello note at 30hz in exaggerated bum bum systems (it doesn't exist, as a live cello can't go lower than 50-60hz).

Still learning best Thiele Small parameters for TL bass enclosures. It is funny, looking at drivers spec, these are different, in different suppliers web sites, for the same model! :shame:

Have you any experience for a 10" or 12" driver suitable for a TL?

I can tell you what is the absolutely best commercial Tripath based amplifier :wink:


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