Can I take off my Oris 150 back chamber? (BD-Design)

by Bert @, Monday, March 21, 2011, 09:33 (2531 days ago) @ mats

Hi Mats,

Experimentation lust is striking, and I am thinking of an extender on my Oris 150.

That would be a lengthy Oris 150!

But how to attach if the back chamber is still there?

Just glue it internally to the horn's throat? The extender will be smaller and smaller towards the new throat and will therefore always fit inside the back chamber... :grin:

Can the cylinder be removed?

I guess you have used silicone and with some force you will be able to get it removed (yours probably with mounting flange at the same time as these were back then also glued with silicone).

Just pull hard (one person on each end) or keep the backchamber fixed on a table and try to break it by leaning on the horn's mouth.

PS That was quite a few years ago, and this horn still gives much pleasure.
Currently with B&C 21 midrange drivers up to 800Hz or so.

Yep, the Oris 150 is the best that happened for audio those days (and still does in a way...).


BD-Design - Only the Best!

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