REF 2010 rocks (BD-Design)

by Russell Craig, Friday, May 20, 2011, 11:26 (2471 days ago)

It has been quite here lately.

I'm sure many will be interested to know that I'm the very happy owner of a pair of REF 2010 Ultras which Bert built for me. They're constructed from birch ply with a cherry veneer. Drivers are BD15s that I bought from Bert, along with the BD15 mod kit, way back in 2005 when I decided to upgrade my oringinal BD Onken style woofers to the reference woofer cabs of the day. Boy am I glad I never got around to doing that.:grin:

The new woofers are being powered by a pair of BD30's that Bert has built into some custom wooden enclosures that match the REF 2010's. Each amp has a reckhorn S-1 built in for xover duites, and there is a Reckhorn B-2 in front of them providing EQ and master volume.

Main horns are now Oris 200's and I have switched from Lowther PM4A/AER cones to AER MD3's. Amp is a Yamamoto A-08s (45 SET), and preamp is a Bent Audio TVC unit. Everything is plugged into a Kemp Electronics Power Source

The whole system is running in right now and I'm getting adjusted to the huge change this represents from the Oris system I've lived with for the past 10 years. I'm not going to offer any impressions about the sound right now, except to say that it more than meets my expectations. I'll take some photos in the next few days and send to Bert so that he can post them here.


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