Thin and thick bells.. (Orphean)

by Bert @, Sunday, April 26, 2015, 19:20 (998 days ago) @ robert

Hi Robert,

Bert was saying not fix the horns a rigit construction is not good

The newer Orphean horns are constructed a little different than yours being less sensitive to this colouration.

You can hear it when you hit the horn edge with a knuckle a little dampen this sound is a lot better for the music

This frequency is not excited by the horn used frequency range itself much anyhow. Surrounding sound sources might influence somewhat and this can easy be manipulated like you do.

same as Goto do in a extreme way

Those are high Q horns (being very stiff and hard moving resonance frequencies into the frequency band!) Those do need damping and even a lot but then still they will not be completely silent after that...

Think about a nice thin bell and tick to the side. It will sing a long time until you gently push one finger to the side and it will be silent (Oris horns!). Think the same way using a thick bell in resonance...you'll need to hold that real tight to get it silent which is not only more difficult but with a slower decay until they're silence...



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