Hello all (BD-Design)

by Nico, The land of wooden shoes, Friday, February 12, 2016, 18:35 (709 days ago) @ Gasper

Hi Gasper,

Thanks for the welcome.
Advice on drivers is appreciated while I have not bought any yet, I'll search some more here for info.

For bass I have the ACR "Eckhorns" which are like the Klipsch cornerhorn [Klipschorn] but then better.
I allow myself to make that statement while I have owned Klipschorns and experienced the difference with these ACR's firsthand.

From what I read this combination will play very good with the Oris.
For some years now I use a active system with muliple amps, tried passive crossovers again and switched back to active never to go back again.

Especially the cornerhorn delivers a mighty bass but has to be tamed though with a DSP for best results. If you ever heard a active driven cornerhorn it's hard to go back to other bass-speakers.

So the Oris will also be driven active, enough amps to try out here for best results.

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