DX4 versus PM4A (Drive Units)

by Bert @, Sunday, September 24, 2017, 20:59 (114 days ago) @ Arno P

Hi Arno,

I have been playing my DX4's in big backloaded horns for years...great sound but I wondered if I could stretch it further by changing them for PM4a's (Very low QTS 0,164 vs 0.218)

Any thoughts on this?

I am going to low-pass the lowther and have the mids done with a TAD TD2001 Tractrix

Let me get this clear... you want to use the Lowther solely for the bass? :-)

I have used PM2C's in the past to drive my big bass horns, worked great!

In that case the lower mids should be more controlled and more dynamic. It depends a bit on the design of the horn to profit from the wider bandwidth...

Before you trade them (in case you go through with the idea) then do a test first stiffen the membrane with coating without adding too much weight of course. This should make the mid-bass more clean and the deeper bass more efficiƫnt.

If that works out for you then you can apply the same tweak to the PM4A's.



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