Super tweeter for Orpean horns (Orphean)

by Jeroen, Thursday, February 11, 2021, 17:08 (1106 days ago) @ Bert

Hi Jeroen,

Did anyone tried adding a super tweeter to his or hers Orphean based system?

Nope... I do have the Harmonizer working above 40Khz but that does nog give more "air" nor extra high frequencies.

You still play with the Harmonizers? I tried them a couple of years ago but they didn't do much in my system.

You could add a tweeter facing backwards or angled up though but it needs an extra amplifier if it does not have enough efficiency to keep up with the Orphean.

I'm aware of that..

But I do not think that it will bring more "air", it will make the sound brighter and probably sharper too...

Ok, that doesn't sound very positive :scared:
I was thinking of a omnidirectional super tweeter. perhaps i build a test model first with cheap tweeters..


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