SE OTL amps for high eff. speakers? (Off Topic)

by anubisgrau, Wednesday, April 02, 2008, 18:08 (3576 days ago)

I know this is maybe not the best forum to ask, but let's see if anyone has any experience with something like this:

It's a Transcendent Sound single ended OTL amp, low power, low gain (9db) with a promise of some aspects of performance that's not very typical of SETs, a good bass control in the first place.

I know that BD Forum was occasionally enthusiastic about suitable valve amps such as Billie/Lady Day..... anyone heard the above or something similar along the same ideas....

Bert if you feel like this topic is out of place, pls feel free to erase.

Best wishes Gordan

SE OTL amps for high eff. speakers?

by madprofessor ⌂, 27777 Ganderkesee, Germany, Wednesday, April 02, 2008, 23:11 (3576 days ago) @ anubisgrau

I just want to bring up some theoretical aspects: First it depends, which speaker You want to drive. Fullrange?
I think it could become an interesting discussion, if an output - transformer or an output - capacitor gives more negative influence to the sound reproduction.( speaking here of "ideal" components, not real ones)
My Opinion is, that a single ended valve design should only have one output tube. In case You like the advantages of SET, you allways will lose some, by paralleling output tubes.
To have an OTL - Design You need a relatively big capacity. Even these capacitors also have some inductance and you need to connect several in paralell. It would be very interesting, to learn if they or transformers do more damage to the sound.
The rest of the link reads very promising, especially the part about the power supply.
Of course there are also a lot of other factors in a design. I´ve heard the old FuttermaGC amps ( not SET) and I found at that time transformer designs like Jadis more convincing. The amps You mentioned I haven´t heard jet, so my input is only of theoretical nature.
Best regards

SE OTL amps for high eff. speakers?

by GC, Thursday, April 03, 2008, 07:47 (3575 days ago) @ anubisgrau

Dear Gordan

I don't advokat for any amp solution except for what I find best myself, by *trial and error*

With OTL's I have very little positive experience due to the fact I don't like their most common signature. Agressivity.

You have likely no gain problem (9 db!) due to the fact your AltmaGC DAC spits out 3V RMS, but are you sure you will marry that DAC until Kingdom come?

Would you use TVC's? Would you use noisy tube preamps on your 114 db speakers?

Stephan points out some of the things you should address in your interest of this product.

Reading the advert from this manufacturor would not call for the slightest interest even I have speakers like yourself. But I don't say the amp flaws. How could I know? Never heard it.

If you are into tube amplification there are many good options out there, even with trafoes coupling to the speakers. Even they would not be SET's.

But OK, 400 bucks I would gladly spent if I had any believe in the product itself.

GC :grin:

SE OTL amps for high eff. speakers?

by MikeH @, Sunday, April 13, 2008, 12:37 (3565 days ago) @ anubisgrau
edited by MikeH, Sunday, April 13, 2008, 12:49

My friend uses the 8 watt Transcendent SE OTL amp with AER MK1 in singulars.
He is very happy with it. In his words: "it sounds very clear and powerful, much lesser distortion than the EL84"

And that EL84 amp he is talking about is a very nice amp. I haven't heard his Transcendent yet. His tastes are for crisp, clean and clear female vocals. Like The Carpenters for example.

For the same power you're looking at some of the biggest single ended triodes, or for the same money 20 watts of class A solid state. It looks like a lot of amp for the money. Sure it's got the advantage of being transformerless, but how linear are the output tubes going to be? Is it really single ended if it has tubes in parallel? I think if an amp has more than one output tube you should make it push-pull class A. That's just what I think, I am definitely not any sort of expert. I almost bought the T16 a few months ago.

SE OTL amps for high eff. speakers?

by anubisgrau, Monday, April 14, 2008, 17:18 (3564 days ago) @ MikeH

8 watts? AFAIK transcendent sound SE OTL is 1.5w only.....

SE OTL amps for high eff. speakers?

by DeMarko @, Monday, April 14, 2008, 18:33 (3564 days ago) @ anubisgrau

Gordan, can you contact me, please. Sent you several mails...


SE OTL amps for high eff. speakers?

by MikeH @, Sunday, April 20, 2008, 02:42 (3559 days ago) @ anubisgrau

AER is 16 ohms, so the power is 3 watts, I stand corrected.
At the time he bought it Bert's crazy amps were not available.


SE OTL amps for high eff. speakers?

by Bert @, Monday, April 21, 2008, 23:47 (3557 days ago) @ MikeH

AER is 16 ohms, so the power is 3 watts, I stand corrected.

Good! Don´t let wrong information float around here! :wink:


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