ORIS 150 Back Chamber (BD-Design)

by GC, Wednesday, August 03, 2005, 10:47 (4555 days ago)

Hi. I'm using PM2A's in the ORIS 150. The volume of the Back Chamber is almost filled up by the magnet + damping material. I'm interested to know of any experiments in this area reducing the amount of damping material or extention of the Back Chamber size ?

B.R Mart


ORIS 150 Back Chamber

by GC, Friday, August 05, 2005, 09:34 (4553 days ago) @ GC

Hi Mart,

Increasing the size of the back chamber reduces the Q of the system giving less output around 200Hz (less body). This effect can basically be heard when you remove the wooden back cover (leaving the circle felt in place).

Adding damping material is doing the same more gradual but also takes away liveness.

Just play with it and listen to the changes. Some prefer to have removed the wooden plate and all the woolfelt and then stuffed loosely with "hairy" damping material.




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