Introducing the Orphean (BD-Design)

by Bert @, Monday, May 29, 2006, 15:36 (4251 days ago) @ dr.cube

Hi Wolfgang,

When will the DIY package (driver + horns + filter) be available?

These are already available but not yet present in the shop (so far only the horns). I need to update the pages soon but in the meantime people can order through email.

Delivery could take a while though, the demand is high and the parts needed to complete it all comes from rather slow suppliers....

The estimated delivery time could take around 4-6 weeks if I am missing parts to complete the order.

Is it possible to combine it also with the reference bass system (with the big 150 horn in front of the bass driver) or only with the compact bass?

Yes, this would even be better! :smile:



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