Hey, Gasper (BD-Design)

by Gasper @, Saturday, March 05, 2022, 09:53 (867 days ago) @ Don Reid

Hi Don,

I used Lowther's DX3 and latter DX4 drivers. DX4 was much better (faster, cleaner, more highs). Never had a chance to hear AER drivers. I admit I was thinking of super twitter, but never need it in reality. And of course, painting horns is a must (Oris or Orphean).

So, with the Orphean I get CLEAN sound, more HIGHs, ultra-fast response. The only thing is that Oris 150 had more "planar attack" (I think because it is bigger - but you will not have this issue...).

BMS driver is what I always want - it is PRO driver modified by Bert to became perfect (of course with M5s).

All the Best,

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