Hey, Gasper (BD-Design)

by avaarni @, Saturday, March 05, 2022, 18:54 (867 days ago) @ Don Reid

I owned AER-MD2 with Oris horn years ago. Now I have Orphean M5.

It really comes down to what you prefer. Full range drivers have their own kind "floating" musical sound - it is easy to fell in love with. Orphean is different, Gasper is right with his view. To get Orphean sound it's best you need perfect bass and that takes time to adjust it - at least in my case it did. Yes, you get nice sound quite easily but if something is wrong with the integration it bugs you until you get it right.

And tube amplification is not the only way to go. I have low powered Schiit A class power amp with Topping pre amp and also at the moment I play Orpheans with PP EL38 amp. At some point I thought I never go back to tubes but here I am again.

Let us know how your journey goes with Orpheans if you decide to get them.

Br Antti

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