Field coil HELP !!!!! (Off Topic)

by GC, Sunday, January 23, 2005, 23:31 (4740 days ago) @ GC


Not very knowledgeable on field coil drivers, but...

The magnet in a field coil driver is an electromagnet. So you have to run power through it. This is apart from the signal that runs from the amp to the voice coil. When I read your post, it seems like you only connected an amplifier and nothing else.

Did you power the field coil/electromagnet? If you didn't, there's basically no magnet in your drivers. And if there's no magnet, there's no sound.


Hi All,

Please can somebody enlighten me as to how to make these drive units work.
I have a pair of Graetz BV8070 field coil 8" units. When i hooked up my amp
to them all i get is sound somewhere between a whisper and quiet talking.
The guy i bought from tells me that the voltage needs changing to 100v????
I have a 10w/channel amp . What do i need to do to get these working with
my amp? Sorry if this seems dumb but i dont really know where to start !!!
Any help would be appreciated. I will try to get some pics up of them. But
i can email them to anyone who can help.


I have the pictures here now , at least.

Kind regards


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