CrazyT (discontinued)
Welcome the refreshing new generation of DA-conversion technology as used within the CrazyT, optimised for PC-Playback for the purest and most accurate music reproduction of your CD collection.

                       Rear view of the CrazyT

The CrazyT is the only available "DAC" for digital playback through a PC based system without suffering from the inherent problems associated with PC's used with common offered solutions. The only thing the PC will have to do is sending buffers with data to the CrazyT (error corrected like making a copy to an external hard disc) from which the data stream will be generated within the CrazyT itself using its own very stable clock and clean power supply and passed on to the internal DAC. In other words, all negative influence computers have to an audio system is with the CrazyT history.

No dirty switching power, no cheap unstable PC clocks causing jitter and no corrupted data stream generating even more jitter leaving a clean and accurate data stream fed directly into the DAC itself. The DAC is based on a twin multi-bit converter without oversampling or using any filtering with a transformer based output section (no active elements used at the analogue side).

Here are some facts using USB as an example:

  • Common USB Audio is not jitter free (USB <> SPDIF or I2S <> DAC):
  • Isochronous USB mode, usually USB Full Speed and tiny buffer <> loss and wrong audio data are possible!
  • Synchronous data transfer and poor clock at data source <> direct influence and increased jitter
  • Sample clock recovery from data stream <> direct influence and increased jitter
  • Quality of PC, USB cable and DAC device <> direct influence and increased jitter
  • PC software and audio processing under Windows <> direct influence on sound

Results in different sound quality among different systems and unsatisfactory results in terms of reproducing the emotional contents of music (i.e. harsh sound).

  • CrazyT USB Audio is different (USB -> DAC): 
  • Bulk USB mode, USB High Speed and big 100ms buffer in DAC <> no data loss, data guaranteed correct (bit for bit)
  • Asynchronous data transfer and ultra low phase noise master clock at data destination (DAC)  <> no influence on sound (only clock jitter of master clock)
  • No sample clock recovery <> Sample clock of the DAC controls data stream from the PC > no influence on sound (only clock jitter of master clock)
  • Quality of PC and USB cable <> no influence on sound (only clock jitter of master clock)
  • No audio processing under Windows. PC software only copies audio data from HD to the DAC directly <> no influence on sound
  • Decoupled and galvanically insulated clock domains <> jitter is reduced to the inherit levels of the master clock
  • Significantly improved TD technology (TD PRO Core – without data manipulation etc.) <> improved sound quality in direction analog, battery supply unnecessary
  • 0.8mm/4 layer ultra high speed printed circuit board <> sharp and crisp digital signals <> decreased jitter
  • Ultra low noise design, optimal decoupling of supplies and IC <> decreased jitter
  • Custom designed high speed IC <> decreased jitter
  • Optimal decoupled digital and analog domains <> Analog domain stays clean

Results in the most accurate and reproducible sound among different PC systems and reveals the utmost of emotional contents in music (sweet analog sound).

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