Singular with AER mk1 EQ-Network? (Singular)

by GC, Wednesday, December 07, 2005, 18:59 (4423 days ago) @ GC

Hi Bert,

only a first impression (after only 3 songs): everything sounds "right" - in balance! BUT I won´t have any time before the weekend to listen carefully.

Some more impressions about the Singular:
Room-placement seems to be crucial with the Singular. They don´t like to be too near to walls, neither back nor sidewalls (at least in my room). Before I connected the EQ the sound was either a bit too "thin" but free and fast or more balanced but with slow bass. Placed too near to the back wall I couldn´t hear the bass at all at the listening-position. (I know you mentioned all of this in previous posts but I´ve experimented quite a bit with placement and wanted to share my experience.)

Now they are about 90 cm from the back and 65 cm from the side walls (my room is 350 cm x 530 cm with the speakers at the short wall): Big stereo-image, deep bass, definitly the best speakers I´ve heard my AER with.

I will post again after some more hours of relaxed listening....

Again thank you very much for your help and for your efforts!!!


For who might be interested:
Iriver h120
fostex optical/coaxial converter
Synola 509:
(sorry: german only)


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