Quasars wins best sound - again! (BD-Design)

by GC @, UK, Friday, December 09, 2005, 16:21 (4422 days ago)

Hi Bert,

Not had much time for a long while to do much other than work but a couple of weeks ago a group of UK valve diyers got together at Eggbourough Powerstation to compare our systems. We had about twenty different amps and several different speakers. Pictures of the event are here http://homepage.mac.com/scress1958/Diary/PhotoAlbum23.html. The albums 'EggFest2' and 'Scary amp pictures' are also from the events. This was second EggFest, the first being in June.

Anyway to cut a long story short, at both events the Quasars were voted as best sounding system. In June being driven by a 45SE amp and in November being driven by a pentode Aikido 300BXLS SE amp. It is noteworthy that with just 2W of 45SE power they filled the room (about 25m by 35m) with sound! With the 8W of 300B they were very loud. We tried them with 40W of 212 SE power too and they were rocking hard.

I've had the Quasars three years now and they are still getting better! Several people commented on how much better they sounded this time compared to the June meet.

Bert, I still haven't been able to try the new filter design you suggested! One day I'll get to it...




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