FE208S + BD-15 (BD-Design)

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Thanks for the information. I do not want to go into equalizers and it
appears that Thorsten Loesch agrees with Bert on dipoles, I quote from his

"Dipoles and Omnipolar Speakers create way more problems than they solve,
by radiating energy over a very WIDE frequency range and also a very wide
area. Think simply of a naked lightbulb in a room. THis is your omnipolar
speaker and to a lesser degree your dipole. this makes the frequency
response in room within the reverbrant range maximally dependant on the
room symetry, absorbtion etc. and thus will require major efforts on room
treatment to correct for the problem. Of course, a notable minority of
listeners actually likes the presentation of omni's and full range dipoles
and they by all means are welcome to their preference."

I also agree with Thorsten's last remark, we listen to music for our
pleasure and this is in many ways a subjective impression. This makes
discussions on what is "good" and "bad" very difficult. I like the way in
which Bert tries to approach his ideal of music reproduction. Another
fascinating part for me is that it is still impossible to measure what
makes a system sound really good, like it is impossible to make a copy of
a Stradivarius violin that sounds like the original. On this point
discussions are also often weird or impossible because a lot of people
really do not understand the complexity of musical sound and the qualities
that our ears have in analysing these signals. This is one of the things
that keeps life interesting to me.

Thorstens remarks there are on the reverbrant range; reed the article more carefully.

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