Lowther cabs (BD-Design)

by GC, Friday, February 04, 2005, 20:11 (4735 days ago) @ GC

Since I don't have that, I'm advised that Opus One A are the cabs to make,
since they perform well without the solid corners.

Hi Terry,

I have heard the Opus One (in solid corners) using PM4A drive units (long time ago). These do go low but more -12 to -18dB....

The owner recently replaced his Lowther PM4 drive units because he wanted more body in the sound. These enclosures are a lot of work to put together (the drawings are also not 100% accurate).

The Acousta enclosures give the most body to Lowther drive units (besides the Carfrae LBH horns...), the longer the horn gets the less body in the lower midrange will be left to enjoy.

If the tonal balance of your Acousta's is okay and the lacking bass is the only problem then keep them and add a subwoofer...




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