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by Bert @, Friday, October 13, 2017, 19:35 (98 days ago) @ Kevin

OK, so you're saying that you have the new crossover in a version that will work fine with my M3 Horns and associated drivers? And this would be an 'Upgrade' over what I currently have?

Yes, correct! :yes:

If so, how much would it cost to get me a new pair of these Crossovers at the same address you shipped my Orphean system to?

I have just updated the website with the new upgrade information.


I am still waiting for the final Revelation drawings to be able to update the website completely... but now I can skip that part as being done. :good:

Costs for you 633,30 (excluding import duties and wire transfer fee)

Also, is the M5 Horn any different than my M3 Orphean Horn?

Nope! Why? :grin:

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