Compression drivers (News)

by GC, Friday, December 09, 2005, 14:36 (4429 days ago) @ GC

Hi Bert

Very little technical information there, not even some decent pictures!

All quality is preserved only for the drivers I guess?

TAD is lousy re. info. I have some old frequency plots of the 4001 Alnico driver showing extreme liniarity and full response to 20 KHz. 116 db/m/w!!!
Their 2" Neodymium driver is claimed to be even better than that excellent driver. Heard that too at CES. Excellent.
Anyway their adoption to horns is standard and it should be an easy job to fit them to the 250's.
Prices are a little scary though.

I have seen Goto several times, seems to be very good but their price tag
is out of reach for most of us. Besides that I do not agree with their way
of using their compression drivers. Even if the quality of their bass
systems is superb, the time difference will reduce that quality to normal

Yep. Not many can or will pay for the GOTO range. And yes, they have no clue of optimising phase. Seems to me most speaker manufactors have forgotten we are living in a universe where time is one of the dimensions. So many exsamples of displacements between the drivers.
Like to listen to some violines in an orchestra and the basses arrives with the train 1 hour later.

You did forget one, I am now looking to Beyma compression drive units,
these are well documented and look very good on paper. The price is
reasonable too...

Beyma makes excellent products.

Best regards


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