Compression drivers (News)

by donroth, Friday, January 06, 2006, 01:56 (4394 days ago) @ GC

Have you considered or looked into a 15" bass module design that would work well with the compression driver+horn with a crossover at 600 Hz (rather than 300 Hz)? The TAD4001 is generally recommended to be crossed over at 600 Hz although it has been done as low as ~ 400 Hz (possibly with tweaks done, I don't know).

I am currently retrofitting/reinforcing two old but beautiful

[img]images/uploaded/image87.jpg[/img] [img]images/uploaded/image88.jpg[/img]

6.5 ft^3 cabinet from RCA that I stripped components out of with a 15" TAD 1601c 'equivalent' but I suspect after everything is said and done, this cabinet may not work all that great and I may have to start from scratch.



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