Front horns and bass dipoles (BD-Design)

by GC @, Tuesday, February 15, 2005, 19:59 (4721 days ago) @ GC

Hi Bert,

I had a reply planned based on your first reply then couldn't find your site at all yesterday!

I haven't tried the Oris 200's with the open panel and I don't think I
will simply because the nature of a front loaded driver is completely
different from the open panel basses.

I think you are overlooking some fundemental factors regarding the acoustics of the average listening room!

The behaviour of the average room is very different at varying frequencies, which demands a speaker approach that suits the challenges the room provides. In typical rooms, around 200Hz and upwards the room falls into the "reverberant" range. This is where mid/high frequencies have to be controlled in order to avoid a mess of those frequencies reflecting about the place and causing diffuse imaging, phase problems and generally weird effects! Some people of course like this, and that's their preference and choice. But in my experience you have to have a very symetrical room for this to work even close to its best potential (but is still not my cup of tea!).

The 200hz area and downwards are where the resonant range starts and where all kinds of problem occur. Most bass systems excite those frequencies, causing dips or peaks up and down the room. Dipoles as you know excite resonances by far the least, and that's why they work so well.

So to my simple mind a horn/directional approach for the reverberant range, coupled with a dipole for the resonant range is actually a very elegant way to go. And the Oris 200hz has just the right cut-off to achieve this!

In my experience this will always
give problems when trying to blend the two systems together...

I don't see where the problems are?

You said in "your experience" does that mean you have tried front horns/dipole bass in the past? If so can you provide the details?

Kind regards,



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