Front horns and bass dipoles (BD-Design)

by GC @, UK, Thursday, February 17, 2005, 10:59 (4722 days ago) @ GC

Hi Bert,

I am also not sure if it is the open panel principle that is the advantage
perhaps it works better because it rolls of in the bass so that it seems to
give less problems?

No, dipoles "minimally" excite the rooms main resonances, whilst most other systems "maximally" excite them. Its all just fundemental acoustics - you can read more on this on Siegfried Linkwitz' site on the theoretical side.

I've taken lots of measurements, as well as listening subjectively and there is no doubt. Flat measured bass from dipoles is much cleaner and "free from the room" than other bass systems.

No experience with dipoles and horns but with all kind of other related

If you've not tried it then you can't really say categorically it's not the most optimal way! These things always differ to a degree of course in other rooms.

but think that most things
do not combine optimal due to the different materials used, different
directivity characteristics used, different sensitivity, etc.

Again you are missing the point about room acoustics.

What do you mean "different materials used"?

Sensitivities can be matched easily that's not a relevant factor.

If the open panel with the Oris horn works soo well then why do you have
problems or raised questions about optimizing the filter?

I don't have problems in terms of "it sounds horrible". But as in all things we are all trying to make improvements, and I'm (and I am sure like you!) never fully satisfied with things!

I just wanted others to share their experiences that's all, and especially those with dipoles.

integration optimal in my room. Same feeling while listening to other
systems trying to combine different "systems".

Using your own terminology front horns and bass reflex boxes are actually "different systems"! I really don't understand why you feel that combining a front horn, with a bass reflex is neccessarily an optimal acoustic match?

This is good debate, its useful stuff!

Kind regards,



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